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      Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick-This Simple Device Has Revolutionized Water Giving You All The Benefits Of, Artisanal Water:
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    Fecha de nacimiento:
    2 Mar 1989 (Edad: 33)
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    New York City
    This Simple Device Has Revolutionized Water Giving You All The Benefits Of ALKALINE IONIZER HYDROGEN WATER STICK

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    Not all hydrogen water is created equal. Some forms of hydrogen water can be quite expensive. That's why I was so excited when I came across the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick. This small and affordable device makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen water anytime, anywhere. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick and determine if it lives up to the hype.

    How Does It Work?
    How does the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick work? It's simple: you fill the stick with water and wait for it to turn into hydrogen-rich water. The hydrogen molecule is small and can penetrate deep into your cells, which helps boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve your overall health. It's been shown to be especially beneficial for athletes, as it helps them recover faster from workouts.

    Plus, the water is alkaline, which helps balance your pH levels and improve your overall health. Not to mention, it tastes great too!

    The Benefits of Using the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick-
    You've probably heard all the hype about hydrogen water and how it's supposed to be better for you than regular water. But does that mean you should go out and buy an alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick?

    Well, that depends on your needs. If you're looking for an easy way to add more hydrogen to your drinking water, then an alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick is a good option. But some include:


    Alkaline Ph?
    Excess acid we get from our modern diets in your body can lead to weight gain, skin problems, weak bones, gut problems, exhaustion, and dental problems. Over time, it can lead to chronic digestive issues, osteoporosis, kidney stones, a weak immune system, arthritis, heart problems, and even cancer.

    For starters, it can help flush out toxins and acidic waste from your body. It can also help reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, and improve energy levels. And if that's not enough, alkaline water can also help protect your cells from damage and slow the aging process.

    Increased Mineral Content:
    You are probably familiar with the importance of minerals for our health. But you may need to learn that drinking water can help us absorb those minerals better. Alkaline ionized water has been shown to have a higher mineral content than regular tap water. And that's because the ionization process breaks down the water's molecular structure, making it easier for our bodies to absorb the minerals.

    Drinking alkaline ionized water is a great way to improve overall health and get the most out of the minerals you're taking. So an alkaline ionizer is a great option if you're looking for a way to increase your mineral intake.

    No Harmful Chemicals:
    One of the best things about the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick is that it doesn't use harmful chemicals. You stick it in a water bottle and wait a few minutes, turning regular water into alkaline water with hydrogen added.

    This is great for your health because alkaline water helps to neutralize the acids in your body. It also helps increase oxygen levels, which is great for your energy and overall health. And as a bonus, the hydrogen gas helps to fight off free radicals and keep you looking young and healthy.

    You can also use the Water Stick to purify your pet’s water. Dogs and cats can develop kidney problems when they don’t drink enough water. In addition, they are particularly susceptible to chemicals in their water. Use the Water Stick to purify your pet’s water and keep your fur babies healthy!

    This little gadget is portable, easy to use, and affordable. And it helps improve your overall health by boosting energy levels, detoxifying your body, and fighting inflammation.


    How to Use the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick-
    Here's a quick guide:
    Making healthy ionized alkaline water at home is simple! Place the stick in a clean bottle halfway filled with tap or bottled water before usage. Shake for 30 seconds, then pour off the water. This eliminates any extra loose minerals. Repeat twice more. After that, place a Water Stick in your preferred water bottle. Shake for 30 seconds, then wait 15-20 minutes before serving. One stick for a 16-ounce bottle... You can leave the stick in the water for longer if you want stronger ionized water. Keep the Water Stick in its plastic tube when not in use.

    Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick-

    Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your new purchase. First, make sure you're using clean, filtered water. If your water is high in chlorine or other chemicals, it will affect the taste and performance of your ionizer.

    Second, try to avoid boiling your water. Boiling can damage the molecular structure of the hydrogen, and it's unnecessary anyway since the ionizer will produce all the heat you need. Third, let your ionizer work its magic for at least five minutes before drinking. This gives it time to produce the optimum level of hydrogen gas. And finally, drink up! Hydrogen-rich water is great for your health, and you should aim to drink at least eight glasses daily.

    Hydrogen-Rich Water Stick Frequently Asked Questions?
    Q-1. I've heard all electrolysis ionizers leach toxins into the water. Is this true?

    A. Yes. All ionizers use a variety of metals and alloys to reduce corrosion due to the electrolysis process, which heavily degrades the electrodes. All electric ionizers leach anything that might be in the metal and the metal itself into the water; it is unavoidable. The alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick does not use electrolysis. It uses only 99.9% pure magnesium. Magnesium is something we can all use more of and the magnesium that makes its way into the water only makes it more healthful and contributes to a stable pH.

    Q-2. Is hydrogen-rich water safe for all people?

    A. Yes. Hydrogen-rich water is safe for all ages, regardless of health condition or medications one may be taking. Even pregnant women can use the stick and do with great success.

    Q-3. If the hydrogen disappears immediately after production (out of the machine) then why does the water test higher in pH later on?

    A. pH does not measure the concentration of molecular hydrogen (H2) only the ratio of H+ to OH- ions. H+ ions react with environment faster than OH- causing an alkaline boost after electrolysis. This is an indicator of unstable pH.

    Q-4. What is the difference between stable and unstable pH.

    A. pH is the measure of difference in concentration of H+ and OH- ions. More OH- is alkaline. OH- can be created by electrolysis or as a reaction between alkaline earth metals like magnesium and water. All systems are open with respect to the environment. Electrolysis ionized water OH- concentration is fixed and thus dissipates with time. As a result of magnesium reaction with water, OH- reaches concentration and the reaction stops. When OH- dissipates with environmental interaction and the concentration decreases, reaction starts up again, therefore, a stable pH results in more alkalinity than you see with a meter and is a better utilized alkaline resource for the body.

    Q-5. Does the stick reduce water cluster size?

    A. Yes. Far-infrared rays reduce cluster size as does the presence of molecular hydrogen and magnesium.

    Q-6. Is your alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick the same as drinking water from the TOP OF THE LINE HIGHEST QUALITY water ionizer machine?

    A. No, it is better. Dr. Hayashi's research has shown that hydrogen is more important than pH or Oxidation Reduction Potential. Because ionizing machines produce water so slowly, most of the hydrogen has escaped by the time enough has been made to drink. You would also need to drink as quickly as possible, seconds to minutes, as the remaining hydrogen escapes from the water so rapidly. Only by producing hydrogen constantly can the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick provide you with hydrogen-rich water. If you were to pour off the water into a glass and wait a few minutes the hydrogen would be gone. We can measure this with instruments. This is why we recommend you put the stick in a personal water bottle and drink directly from it.

    Dr. Hayashi is the man who made water ionizing machines so popular back in the '80s. Continuing his research, he determined hydrogen is the most important factor when it comes to health-enhancing water.

    Q-7. Does the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick make water alkaline? If so, what pH?

    A. Yes. The alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick will make water more alkaline, usually anywhere from .5 to 1.5 pH points. We cannot tell you exactly what the pH of your water will be after using the stick because we do not know what the pH of your water is now or what kind of mineral content your water has. Both factors will affect the resulting pH. Remember that Dr. Hayashi's studies have shown that hydrogen content in your drinking water is more important than its pH, or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Persons consuming hydrogen-rich water will tend to be less acid prone than those consuming other waters.

    Q-8. What kind of water is best to use?

    A. Simple and economical purified tap water works great. You can also use plain tap water, bottled water or any other type of water- the stick does not care. However, your body prefers water with at least some minerals so avoid reverse osmosis or distilled water if you can.

    Q-9. Does the stick work with distilled or reverse osmosis water?

    A. Yes. The stick works well with any water, producing hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant water that is more alkaline. In the interest of health it should be noted that these are not the best types of waters for regular consumption. A more mineralized option should be considered. A good quality carbon filtration system for your tap water will be a more healthful choice over the long run.

    Q-10. For best results, what container should be used?

    A. The alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick works best in a personal sized water container no larger than 1.5L with an air-tight lid. Using a larger container would reduce the hydrogen concentration in the water and limit the benefits.

    Q-11. Can I use the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick in a water-cooler bottle (5 gal. or 3 gal.) or pitcher that the whole family can use?

    A. Using any container larger than 1.5L will limit the hydrogen concentration and resulting benefits. Of course, you can always use multiple sticks with larger containers or for added boost in smaller containers. However, an open pitcher or water cooler jug will prevent you from being able to shake the stick/bottle before drinking. Additionally, water cooler bottles have an ever larger air gap between the top of the bottle and the water allowing the hydrogen to escape.

    Q-12. Is it normal for the stick to turn a light gray color when submerged?

    A. Yes. The stick will often turn a grayish color when saturated with water. This effect is caused by the light reflecting off the stick in a different manner, partly revealing its naturally darker interior. This is normal.

    Q-13. How long will the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick last?

    A. Dr. Hayashi recommends replacing your alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick every six months for optimal benefits. The six-month life span is based on continuous usage.

    Q-14. Does the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick purify the water?

    A. Yes, but not enough to skip purifying your tap water by other means. Far-infrared ceramics within the stick reduce bacterial content and neutralize certain organic contaminants as does the reduction potential (negative ORP).


    Q-15. Is the alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick really FDA Registered as a medical device?

    A. Yes

    Who is it For?
    This product is for people looking for an easy and convenient way to enjoy alkaline and hydrogen-rich water on the go. It's perfect for busy folks who are always on the go and need more time to stop and make a pitcher of water.

    The alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick is also great for people who lead active lifestyles. The hydrogen-rich water can help you recover faster after a tough workout, and the alkaline water can help to balance your pH levels.


    If you're considering an alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick, we say go for it! It's a great way to improve your water quality and an affordable option compared to other water filtration systems. The alkaline ionizer hydrogen water stick is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being. We highly recommend it!

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